Boulevard raises $11M Series A

Boulevard , a software company for the salon and spa industry, has raised $11 million in a Series A funding round led by Index Ventures with participation from Bonfire Ventures, Ludlow Ventures, BoxGroup, and Luma Launch.

Established in 2016, Boulevard is the industry’s “first comprehensive platform-as-a-service” designed specifically to meet the needs of salons, spas, and other appointment-based businesses that help people look and feel their best. The product streamlines processes like booking and scheduling, inventory management, commissions, payroll, and payments, while allowing businesses to provide a hyper-personalized experience to the delight of clients. Customized reporting and actionable insights help to reduce costs, track performance, and ultimately maximize profits. Boulevard’s white-glove support team provides seamless onboarding and migration along with 24/7 availability for ongoing needs.

“Competitors in the space have been trying to shoehorn a product that was built for yoga and pilates studios into the beauty industry, but the two have completely different needs,” said Damir Becirovic of Index Ventures. “Boulevard was built specifically for personal care businesses and is a high-tech solution for a high-touch market where no one else comes close.”

In the U.S., consumers spend over $200 billion annually on beauty services across 2.5 million establishments*. Within this industry, 3.2 million professionals struggle with common pain points like finding catered booking solutions, streamlining operations while maintaining a personal touch, and receiving personalized support to help with new technologies. By directly addressing these struggles, Boulevard has been quickly adopted by hundreds of industry-leading companies, helping them grow, scale, and manage their businesses more efficiently through its proprietary technology.

After going live with Boulevard, partners have seen the following results within the first 90 days: 16% increase in services booked, 18% increase in retail revenue, 24% increase in gratuity from clients, 81% decrease in no-shows and late cancellations, 32% decrease in front desk hours, and 76% decrease in time spent on the phone.

Bottom Line: Your next distribution partner.