Bosch and Mojio to Deliver Advanced Connected Car Services

German auto supplier Bosch is collaborating with Amazon-backed Mojio, an open platform for connected cars, to get more vehicles connected wirelessly to a wide range of digital services. Bosch will invest in Mojio as part of the startup’s undisclosed Series B round.



Founded in 2012, Mojio, which raised just over $40m, develops a range of connected car solutions and offers a hardware agnostic cloud platform. For consumers, Mojio offers different features – knowing the location and status of multiple cars, setting speed limits and geo-fenced areas, diagnostic of car trouble when engine light turns on, and info on fuel and battery level before hitting the road. Also, it offers insights regarding driving habits, including speeding, harsh braking, rapid accelerations and fuel consumption. Aside from the consumer-facing services, Mojio offers partners an option to tap-in to the data for valuable insights on consumers.


The company plans to add additional services: (1) ability to open doors and trunks for package delivery and (2) make the insurance claims process more effective as it can provide insurers with data to determine the severity of the crash, which may allow for some claims to be handled remotely.