BNP Paribas Launches Corporate Networking Platform

BNP Paribas is announcing the launch of AGORA, an online community co-built with its corporate clients. The platform – currently in trial phase with 50 clients – was co-developed by four BNP Paribas business lines: (1) Retail Banking in France, (2) Corporate & Institutional Banking, (3) Wealth Management and (4) BNP Paribas Fortis.



AGORA was born from a shared conviction that expanding the group’s professional client network is a growth lever for the sustainable development of their business, enabling them to: (1) look for new clients, (2) identify distributors or new suppliers, (3) get in touch with startups, and (4) develop their business through partnerships and merger-acquisitions.


With a network of over 850,000 corporate, professional and startup clients, BNP Paribas has taken the initiative to create this community that will allow the clients in it to connect with each other on a global scale, in a safe and trustworthy environment.