BMW Owners Enjoy Special Treatment with Friday Insurance

Remember when Baloise-owned Friday insurer announced the launch of a usage-based-insurance scheme that starts from 1 cent per kilometer, via 4 easy steps?

1. Customers estimate how much kilometers they expect to drive.

2. Customers secure coverage, and pay a flat fee.

3. After one year, customers submit actual kilometers driven online, via email or text.

4. Friday adjusts the price and either refunds or charges the customers, depending on the situation.


Well, BMW owners, for models 2013 and up, have one less step. Let me explain. Friday is collaborating with BMW so that car data is automatically transferred between BMW and Friday; this way, drivers that have a UBI policy with Friday don’t have to manually submit how much mileage they’ve driven.


The functionality is enabled due to BMW’s CarData service, that allows owners to have control over key vehicle data and share that data as they see fit with third parties.