Blue Marble partners with Nestle/Nescafe

Blue Marble Microinsurance is now working with Nestlé .

The new program – available in Indonesia – pilots excess rainfall and drought parametric insurance with smallholder coffee farmers in the Tanggamus District in Lampung.

“Smallholder coffee farmers in Indonesia are vulnerable to climate risks and need access to affordable crop insurance to protect against severe climate events and build financial resilience. We are proud to be piloting this cost-effective safety net for smallholder farmers, whilst at the same time helping Nescafé build resilience into the global supply chain.” – Blue Marble.

Blue Marble was launched in 2016 when a number of companies trying to expand into markets with uninsured populations compared notes and found they had faced similar challenges.

“It’s such a large problem that there was a recognition that one company could not solve it on its own. That was the foundation of the consortium. The idea was to bring like-minded organisations together to help solve this huge challenge.” – Chairman James Whitelaw.

The consortium consists of Aspen, ASSA, Marsh McLennan, TransRe and Zurich. Since launch, these companies have worked through Blue Marble to help bring the benefits of insurance protection to underserved populations and communities.