Blink partners with Allianz Partners

Irish insurtech Blink Parametric is partnering with Allianz Partners to rollout its travel disruption insurance platform in the UK this month. As well as embedding Blink within Allianz Partners travel policies, its affinity partners are also offering the insurtech solution.

Blink will provide flight disruption cover to Allianz Partners and Affinity policyholders through the Allianz Assistance brand, extending Allianz Assistance support to UK policyholders wherever they are traveling worldwide.

Once a traveller registers their flight details, Blink monitors that flight in real-time. Any flight disruption that occurs to the registered flight automatically results in a traveller being notified instantly. Event notification allows for real-time problem resolution, and so the traveller is immediately offered service choices within their policy terms that can instantly remove the stress and consequences of the disruption.

“Partnering with Allianz Partners will ramp up our presence and visibility in the UK considerably and we are delighted to be working with one of the world’s largest travel insurance providers in delivering transformative change to their client service offering. Allianz Partners has been definitive from the outset in placing customer needs at the centre of the process and are firm advocates for embedded, seamless insurance processes. As a result, we have built a robust service that can process more than 60,000 claims per hour and will support the provision of real-time flight disruption cover for any flight delayed by more than two hours to Allianz Partners and Affinity policyholders.” – Paul Prendergast, CEO of Blink.

“We have absolute confidence that this new and pioneering Blink dimension will have a very positive impact on our portfolio of travel insurance solutions. We are delighted to partner with the best Insurtechs to deliver cutting edge solutions and we firmly believe that this will transform the travel insurance experience for our customers.” – Rachel Temperton, Head of Travel & Tourism, Allianz Partners.