Birdylabs Raises $3M

Paris-based fintech startup Birdylabs has closed its first round of investment following a $3m commitment by Rising Sun investment company. Founded in 2016 by Fabien Keller, Julien Mortuaire and Clément Flinois, Birdylab’s mobile app, Birdycent, allows users to save money by rounding up their daily payments.



In addition to its own app, Birdylabs also offers banks a white label solution which integrates into their online banking services, and in 2017, the startup signed its first contracts with BNP Paribas and Société Générale.


“We are so pleased to have Birdylabs join our Rising Sun payments ecosystem, as our investments continue to offer a multitude of services to our financial services partners. We look forward to further sharing the synergies that come from our strategic investments in the payments and fintech industries.” – Founder and CEO of Rising Sun, Jerome Cle.