BIMA Doctor Receives Telemed License in Ghana

Last month,  BIMA announced it has received the very first telemedicine license ever attributed in Ghana by the Health Facility Regulatory Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.


Turns out, there’s a severe shortage of primary health services across Africa. According to the OECD, there is at most 1 qualified physician per 1k people in Ghana, and the combination of soaring population and rising urbanization is driving higher demand for healthcare services, particularly as diabetes and hypertension continue to rise. BIMA Doctor uses mobile technology that digitizes the user experience to deliver convenient, affordable and quality health services across the county. From as little as GHȼ3 per month, BIMA Doctor subscribers can make unlimited calls to a medical practitioner to seek advice and medical consultations over the phone. The tele-doctor service began operations in 2015 and has since registered around 100,000 customers.



Last, a BIMA Doctor app will launch this month to offer additional value-added services to customers.