Bey MGA Announces Launch Offering Sewer Line Insurance Coverage

Not many people realize their homeowner’s insurance coverage often does not cover their external sewer lines. This means should a problem arise, they are left responsible to pay for repairs and damage completely out of pocket. That’s where Bey MGA comes in. The new NYC-entrant recently announced their launch – offering low-cost sewer line insurance coverage in New YorkNew Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois, with plans to expand to TexasOklahomaGeorgiaTennessee, and Arkansas.


Have a look :





“We are here to insure the gap that currently exists in most basic homeowner insurance. The fact is homes across the U.S. are aging and that means it is only a matter of time, not if – but when, their sewer line breaks. Without insurance coverage in this area, the costs can truly be catastrophic” – Executive Vice President of Bey MGA, Michael Averill.


Bottom Line: to file a claim contact: Peninsula Insurance Bureau, 60665 NW 167th St suite B1, Hialeah, FL 33015 or call: (305) 824-0111.