Betterview announces new insurtech offering on Guidewire Marketplace

Insurtech company Betterview, which provides actionable property intelligence for P&C insurance carriers to streamline their underwriting process, today announced a new offering available on the Guidewire Marketplace.

The Betterview Accelerator for Property Insight for PolicyCenter 10, available to Guidewire users directly within their existing workflow on PolicyCenter, will provide all of the remote property insights from the Betterview platform – including a comprehensive roof condition score, as well as relevant third party data such as permits, assessors’ data, and more.

“I am very excited about the release of our Guidewire Accelerator,” says Betterview COO David Tobias. “ This is a deep integration that brings the Betterview Platform into the Guidewire PolicyCenter platform.  We have worked with our customers that are Guidewire users and Guidewire’s team to make sure this Accelerator provides extremely high value from day one of installation.  Our deep collaboration with Guidewire is just another benefit of Guidewire’s investment in Betterview.”

The Betterview Accelerator is now available to underwriters and other users on the Guidewire Marketplace, for use in a number of P&C use cases, from quotes to claims, to policy renewal.


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About Betterview

Betterview was founded with the mission of helping P&C carriers better identify and manage property risk. It was created with a deep, first-hand understanding of the challenges that carriers have faced in obtaining high-quality, actionable insight. Betterview’s remote property intelligence platform enables carriers to provide a better experience to their insureds and agents while improving their bottom line.

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