Betterment Collaborates With Steady App

New York-based robo-advisor Betterment has announced it will offer Steady users a year of free financial advisory and investment management services.

This is Steady:

Refresher: the Atlanta-based recruitment platform has attracted $9m in funding earlier this year for its platform that matches freelancers with gigs, offers an income tracker and exclusive relevant discounts. Hence the partnership with Betterment. “When we surveyed gig economy workers, we found that almost 40% of them felt unprepared to save enough to maintain their lifestyle during their retirement. We have a retirement crisis in the US – no one is saving enough for retirement. The gig economy workers appeared to be even less well prepared than average workers.” – Founder and CEO of Betterment, Jon Stein. One more thing. Shaquille O’Neal is an advocate. Get a feel for the Steady flow here.