Bestow adds new enterprise offering

Bestow has launched a new enterprise offering designed to help carriers grow their life business “through the power of data.”

The company’s new data solution promises to help carriers better identify and segment their potential customers to eventually guide the right customers to the right products.

Bestow entered the B2B space in December 2021, offering carriers a full-stack insurance platform that supports the entire end-to-end sale and administration of term life insurance. Currently, Bestow has two enterprise clients – Equitable, which partnered with the company in late 2021, and an unnamed carrier which was announced last month. The company claims that by the end of the year, it will onboard two additional clients.

Last year, Bestow said that it is investing in business areas that have demonstrated the greatest growth potential and a faster path to profitability such as its enterprise, partner and advisor solutions. Last month, Bestow’s website traffic reached a new low since we started to track its website traffic in May 2019.