Belgian startup Hoplr raises €1 million

Belgian startup Hoplr has raised €1 million from Matexi, CAREvolution and Belfius .

Founded in 2014, Hoplr is a social network – its platform enables local residents to connect with each other, organize community activities, exchange help or items, find a babysitter or local plumber – and so on. Currently, more than 850,000 families in nearly 3,000 neighborhoods use Hoplr – 72% of them more than once a week.

Hoplr works with over 150 local authorities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Turkey, which use the platform for neighborhood assistance, communication and civic participation.

“With Hoplr, Belfius Insurance wants to fully support the connection between people via local neighborhood networks. Making our society and citizens stronger and more resilient fits perfectly in our role as a Belgian bank-insurer. With the Neighborhood Concierge, Hoplr now also ensures that citizens can live longer in the neighborhood that they love and where they get help where and when they need it.” – Frédéric Van Der Schueren, CEO of Belfius Insurance.