Batten promotes Blink by Chubb

Batten , a digital marketplace platform for consumer-recommended security solutions, is working with Blink by Chubb , promoting its cyber insurance product to its user base.

Founded in 2020, Blink is a Chubb brand of personal insurance products distributed through the company’s digital brokers and via platforms managed by affinity groups. The Blink Cyber is a stand-alone insurance policy that serves as a safety-net for customers facing an increasingly growing risk of cyber-attacks. The policy responds to expenses related to a personal cyber event, including phishing scams, ransomware extortion, cyber financial fraud as well as a concierge identity theft recovery service.

“This collaboration is designed to address the growing need for cyber insurance coverage in today’s digital world. With the increasing frequency of malicious cyber activity and data breaches, consumers are more vulnerable than ever before. Batten Safe’s expertise in cybersecurity combined with Blink’s cutting-edge digital insurance offering creates a powerful and much-needed solution.” – Kurt Sanger, Cybersecurity Expert at Batten.

“In a world that is increasingly connected through digital means, Blink and Batten Safe share a vision of providing simple, easy-to-understand and affordable personal cyber insurance to safeguard consumers. Joining forces will open additional channels of access for Blink Cyber insurance to help protect the digital lives of the Batten community.” – Laura Bennett, President of Chubb’s North America Digital Consumer Division.

Bottom Line: Chubb has not one but two embedded insurance brands.

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