Baloise invests in MOBIKO

As part of its Simply Safe strategy, Baloise is continuing to expand its Mobility ecosystem with the acquisition of a stake in MOBIKO . The Munich-based company provides a digital platform that allows employers to manage the travel needs of their employees, who receive a flexible monthly travel budget that they can use according to their individual requirements.

“We were impressed with MOBIKO’s basic concept, which has the potential to fundamentally change the way that companies and their employees travel. MOBIKO’s travel budget allows employers to satisfy the individual requirements of their staff using every available transport solution. Maximum flexibility, combined with incentives, results in transport usage that is significantly better for the environment.” – Patrick Wirth, Head of the Mobility Unit at Baloise.

MOBIKO – short for ‘Mobilitätskontingent’ (travel allowance) – enables companies to manage their employees’ travel through a flexible monthly travel budget. Employers receive a digital tool for managing employee travel that automatically ensures compliance with tax regulations, while also providing incentives to promote sustainable travel. This allows companies to make an active impact on their CO2 emissions and reduce corporate travel costs.

For employees, MOBIKO means that they have global access to any available mode of transport or travel service – both for travelling to and from work and during their leisure time. This includes the use of subscription models for cars as well as bicycle leasing. The costs are invoiced through an app.

MOBIKO was developed by Audi Business Innovation GmbH, which collaborated with the Munich-based company builder mantro to spin off the company as an independent private limited company (GmbH) in February 2018.

“We are delighted to have gained two more strong partners in Baloise and Startup Family Office, which will help us to significantly expand our ecosystem. We plan to use the injection of capital to enlarge our team and double its size to around 30 employees by the end of the year. We will also continue to drive forward the development and scaling of our technology.” – Nicola Büsse, Co-founder and COO at MOBIKO.