Axiom Connected and Smartcar partner to enable real-time telemetry data retrieval from over 70M US cars

Smartcar is partnering with Axiom Connected to make automotive warranties more transparent and easier to use. Warranty administrators use Axiom Connected’s warranty platform to offer all-digital warranty, maintenance, and ancillary coverage products for vehicle owners. Axiom Connected uses the Smartcar API to let warranty administrators monitor crucial vehicle data with the owner’s permission.

Driven by innovation

Traditionally, there’s been a lack of innovation and disruptive technology in the automotive warranty industry. There is often little or no customer engagement, clunky and antiquated tech integrations, and missed revenue opportunities throughout the lifecycle of ownership. But all of that is changing thanks to Axiom Connected’s mission to deliver a new kind of vehicle ownership experience.

Axiom Connected offers a digital-first warranty platform

Axiom Connected is the first company to offer a fully digital, brandable platform for vehicle warranties. Warranty administrators use Axiom Connected to provide transparency to their protection products, including the ability to deliver monthly subscription product options, and let car owners manage their warranty in an easy-to-use mobile app called COVI.

COVI allows vehicle owners to see important information about their car, view their warranty benefits, file claims, schedule service appointments, and call roadside assistance from a single mobile app. Warranty administrators use their own branded COVI app to know when a vehicle’s warranty is about to expire, notify the owner when their car is due for service, and update them with personalized notifications about their vehicle(s).

Smartcar allows Axiom Connected to build a seamless product

Many of COVI’s features rely on specific vehicle data such as mileage, tire pressure, and engine oil life. Axiom Connected found that traditional vehicle telematics solutions often involved expensive aftermarket hardware and lacked both data quality and relevance for vehicle warranties.

“We searched the globe for the right technology partner and found an industry-leading partner in Smartcar,” said Axiom Connected CEO Michael Reth. “Smartcar’s team consists of innovative thinkers who push their own limits to provide more value for each use case. We are very excited about this partnership.”

Smartcar’s connected car API technology allows warranty providers to connect directly to each vehicle with the owner’s permission. The warranty administrator can then instantly start monitoring the vehicle’s telemetry. Based on the car’s mileage, fuel tank or EV battery level, tire pressure, and engine oil life, the warranty administrator can determine the owner’s current benefits, provide timely notification of upcoming expirations, remind them to schedule maintenance, and inform them about potential vehicle issues.

“We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with Axiom Connected,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “Smartcar empowers developers to build the future of mobility, and Axiom Connected perfectly exemplifies this spirit of innovation. Axiom Connected enhances the customer experience of the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle. We’re glad that the Smartcar API is the preferred technology to integrate directly with vehicles.”

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