AXA Works Beyond Insurance

As part of its “ambition to become a better and closer partner” to customers, AXA introduced an online troubleshooting platform in France by the name of Mes Travaux to allow customers to find trusted plumbers, locksmiths or electricians. In addition AXA guarantees negotiated fixed rates, certified professionals, guaranteed quality, intervention in less than 2 hours, and payment once the service is done. 


In the future, AXA plans to expand service area to heating repairs.

“At AXA, we work every day to protect our customers. When they experience a disaster, we help them restore their homes. With My Works, we decided to go further because we think that an insurer can also be there outside the insurance. So, why not accompany you in all of your needs in terms of work? The goal: to be present at the right time, with the right solutions. This is how the idea of ​​providing the network of partner companies that we have been building for 20 years was born. It is made up of building professionals, certified and recognized locally and nationally. You can entrust them with your work in all serenity.”


Bottom Line: Who’s the intermediary now?