AXA Invests in Automated Accounting Startup

Meet  Zeitgold :


The Berlin-based startup – with an R&D team working from Israel – enables SMEs to take care of all of the financial administration in less than 10 minutes a day. Here’s How It Works: A business uploads all its paperwork (think: invoices, HR-related documents and tax statements ) to a Zeitgold box to have the paperwork digitized and archived (once a week) in a revision-proof way. Then the business can access the Zeitgold app to control and monitor the paperwork. The app also provides a daily to-do list with tasks associated to the documents. The company has raised $27m since its inception in 2015 and is backed by AXA and Deutsche Bank; to name two. Last, it operates in the space of CANDIS and SMACC. Fun Fact: Poké Pelelina is a client.