AXA Gave Apple Business Chat a Go

Apple Business Chat, first introduced last year and still in beta mode, is now available to companies in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, and the UK, as well as Hong Kong in China.


The Idea – allow customers to ask for information, schedule appointments, and purchases right in Messages via their iPhone or iPad… Because less and less people want to answer their phone.



Two more things. One. Users can start a conversation with the company – which will not be able to see their personal information, unless they choose to share it for appointments or deliveries. Once users delete a message thread, the company will not be able to contact them again until the users start a new conversation. Two. Most often, “conversations will be with a live agent.” “You might get a fast, automated response for simple requests, but a real person will be available if needed.”


Bottom Line: good enough for AXA to give it a go. (


PS. The last 3 Glassdoor reviews on NYC-based provider of enterprise mobile messaging platform, Pypestream, mention a lack of vision. Click here, here and here.