AXA ‘Drive Coach’ to Launch Tomorrow

The eagerly awaited Apple Watch goes on sale tomorrow (Friday April 24) and on the same day insurer AXA will launch its Apple Watch Drive Coach mobile app in the UK and France.

AXA Drive Coach is a mobile application available for all drivers to help them analyze, understand and improve their driving behavior and style. “We are delighted to be able to offer innovative prevention services in a timely manner, in this case right at the launch of the Apple Watch. We strongly believe that leveraging innovative digital tools is key today in efficiently engaging people to promote road safety, as these tools significantly raise their awareness of potentially risky driving habits. We look forward to working with Apple to make AXA Drive Coach available on the Apple Watch in many more countries.” – Chief Marketing and Distribution Officer, AXA Group, Frederic Tardy.

Here’s How it (will) work:

  • Once downloaded onto the iPhone of the driver, AXA Drive Coach connects with the owner’s Apple Watch.
  • The application runs on the Apple Watch without disturbing the driver, enabling the application to start and stop directly from their wrist.
  • At the end of the journey, AXA Drive Coach displays the driving score on the Apple Watch screen, pinpointing good and not so good driving habits.

The app enables the user to better understand and improve his/her driving behavior in a simple way. It records acceleration, braking and wheel-turning behavior, to then produce an overall assessment of how the user drives. After the trip, it offers the possibility to compare the results with friends on social networks. The data collected by the AXA Drive Coach app are being anonymized and are used to better understand users driving behaviors to provide them with a constructive feedback.

The AXA Drive app has been downloaded more than 700,000 times overall.