Aviva launches Aviva MyDrive

Aviva has launched Aviva MyDrive, a new telematics offering inside its main app to encourage safer driving and potentially save customers money on car insurance.

The offering is available to all users who purchase Aviva Online car insurance through a price comparison site. Existing customers are being invited to enroll in the Aviva MyDrive feature, which will monitor their driving habits through their smartphones. The app will evaluate accelerating, braking, cornering, speed, and phone usage.

85% of Aviva MyDrive users are expected to be offered a discount on their insurance renewal, according to the insurer.

The app follows on from the launch of Aviva’s QuoteMeHappy Connect in December 2022, a connected car insurance offering aimed at young drivers. Unlike Quotemehappy Connect, Aviva MyDrive is available to all drivers who purchase car insurance through a price comparison site.