Ascend Partners With HawkSoft To Optimize Agent Workflows & Finances

We’re excited to share our partnership with Hawksoft to optimize agent workflows and finances, integrating their payments and premium financing solution with the HawkSoft agency management system

Ascend is the first modern insurance payments platform that provides automated all-in-one financing, collections, and payables. HawkSoft is an insurance management platform designed for independent agencies. They offer workflows for commercial and personal lines, and an auto-documentation process that builds a trail of every client interaction for complete recordkeeping. 

HawkSoft’s two-way API integration allows agents the flexibility and freedom to choose the best partners that meet their unique business needs. HawkSoft is strengthening the synergy between agents’ key technology tools by facilitating a seamless financial process for tasks like quoting, CRM, payments, and accounting workflows. The integration with Ascend enables agents to easily offer both premium financing or pay in full payment options for their customers with a single click of a button. These links will be created automatically inside HawkSoft so agents can manage the entire customer lifecycle within the HawkSoft system.

“The HawkSoft and Ascend integration makes my workflow even more efficient. I’m able to now utilize HawkSoft all the way from quoting to payments while also leveraging Ascend’s premium financing and pay in full solution all within my management system. I’m able to save countless hours and provide my clients a simple way to decide how they want to pay for their policies,” Melissa Ems, Owner, Melissa Ems Insurance Agency.

“We’re excited to be partnering with HawkSoft and bringing an integrated, streamlined financial experience to their users,” says Caleb Cramer, Agency Channel Lead at Ascend. “The HawkSoft team has always committed to provide agents with the highest return for their management system, equipping them with all of the features necessary to manage, grow, and measure their agencies. We’re proud to become a part of this ecosystem and help HawkSoft raise the bar for what management systems can do for agencies.” 

“Independent agents are increasingly conscious of the processes and interactions they’re handing off to insurance companies,” says Rushang Shah, VP of Marketing at HawkSoft. “Ascend stood out to HawkSoft as a company helping agents reclaim key interactions through a streamlining of the most tedious aspects of agency billing. Ascend is an exciting new ally in helping to streamline workflows for independent agencies.”

The integration between Ascend and HawkSoft is available to their mutual customers starting today. To learn more, visit:

About Ascend 

Ascend is the modern insurance payments platform that provides automated all-in-one financing, collections, and payables. Founded by two-time insurtech entrepreneurs Andrew Wynn and Praveen Chekuri, Ascend helps distributors sell more by eliminating labor-intensive, expensive processes while providing customers with the great online checkout and financing experience they’ve come to expect. To learn more, please visit


About HawkSoft

Since 1995, HawkSoft is a leader in management systems for independent insurance agencies that want effective workflows and a delightful experience for staff and policyholders. Created by independent agents, HawkSoft continues to evolve as a cutting-edge system that powers thousands of agencies. HawkSoft offers the following promise to insurance agents: your investment in HawkSoft will pay for itself in the first year. Learn more about HawkSoft’s unique father-and-son story at

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