Ascend Completes Full Integration with Veruna Providing Automated Invoicing, Premium Financing, and Reconciliation

Today, Ascend, the first modern insurance payments platform, announced the launch of their full integration with Veruna allowing for a seamless out-of-the-box solution that offers invoicing, point of sale financing, as well as automatic reconciliation and tracking of invoices back into accounting ledgers – all within the Veruna platform.

Veruna’s mission as the all-in-one CRM and AMS for independent agents is reinforced with this integration – allowing for a simple and integrated payments solution all within their Salesforce dashboard. Prior to this, integrations between Veruna and Ascend were set up on a per-client basis, but moving forward, all Veruna customers can now set up and enable this integration within minutes.

“It was important for us to deepen our partnership since our initial integration. Customers have expressed a desire for a consolidation of tools and simplification of tech stacks and this integration delivers on that – one partner, synced with your AMS/CRM, to handle all your billing, financing, and reconciliation workflows,” said Andrew Wynn, co-CEO of Ascend.

This integration is a first for Veruna to have a single solution to handle all payment workflows including premium finance post policy placement.

“We are very excited to be able to enable best-in-class user experiences through integrations such as these. Instead of having to navigate between different portals and websites, we want all agency workflows to be able to run right through Veruna – saving teams countless hours and allowing them to focus on growing their business,” said Colleen Wells, Chief Strategy Officer of Veruna.

To learn more about this integration, reach out to your Veruna account manager or sign up at to learn more about how Veruna and Ascend are modernizing the insurance industry.

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