Arta Finances launches, discloses funding

Arta Finance, the fintech startup building a “digital family office for the world,” is now available in the US for accredited investors.

Arta is also disclosing $90 million in total funding from Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit, Coatue, and over 140 angel investors including Eric Schmidt, Betsy Cohen, Michael Miebach, and Jeff Dean.

Founded in 2021, the California-based startup “unlocks the access, personalization, and connections that, until now, were available only to the ultra-wealthy through their family offices.” Some of these components include access to alternative assets, liquidity options through a line of credit for eligible members, and harnessing AI to enable intelligent investing in public markets.

In the past, the Arta team led fintech products at Google, helped manage several billion-user and billion-dollar products, set up and ran quant hedge funds, and took a number of new products “from 0 to 100 million+ users.”

Arta plans to expand to other countries and more users once the necessary approvals have been obtained.

“We believe that a high-powered financial strategy and a secure, happy future shouldn’t be the monopoly of the ultra-rich. Everyone should have a chance to take charge of their financial life in the same way that wealthier and financially savvier people do. So we’re doing this the way we know best – by breaking down barriers to sophisticated finance with technology.” – Caesar Sengupta, CEO and co-founder of Arta Finance.

“What excites us about Arta is the depth of understanding of two critical lines. The first one is the complexity in financial services and the need to have more transparent access to the information that will allow you to make better decisions. Second, is the automation of it by using the best technology around. At Arta, we find the best of the two. They understand the consumer, they understand the pain, and they have the experience of working with the best technology. We’re excited to see how they can influence and change how everyone thinks about their capital and assets.” – Micky Malka, founder of Ribbit Capital.