Argo CEO is Right Up There With Brian Duperreault

Argo Group not only insured Princess Leia (think: contract protection insurance policy), but has also made over $1 billion in profit in the last decade insuring those hard-to-price risks no one else wants to touch. Here’s a story worth telling. The insurance company, which was launched in 1948 in California as Argonaut Group Inc., has seen its market value double to $2 billion over the past four years because it went where others wouldn’t go. Argo zeroes in on specialty business and by specialty think anything from cyber to disease-infected livestock to even bicycles in Brazil (because in Brazil stolen bikes aren’t covered under homeowners policies). Bottom Line: Mark E. Watson is right up there with Brian Duperreault . Oh, and he’s on Twitter. Look. So, if anyone asks, you know of at least one insurance CEO that tweets heart shaped fruit.