Apollo Brokers Launches the Apollo Cyber Marketplace

Walnut, California, July 7, 2022 Apollo Brokers, the leading digital wholesale cyber insurance broker, has announced the launch of its Cyber Marketplace, which offers best-in-class cyber security solutions direct to every insured. Apollo launches the marketplace with an inaugural class of seven cyber security product partners covering a wide array of cyber security needs from password management and endpoint protection to 24×7 monitoring, detection, and response. The Cyber Marketplace is the next step in Apollo’s mission to enhance every organization’s cyber security posture and ensure equal access to cyber insurance for all businesses. 

Apollo has assembled an excellent class of cyber security product partners, including:

  • Trusona – Password management and endpoint protection solution wrapped in a lightweight interface that saves time and increases efficiency for your organization. 
  • Tetra DefenseFull-service cybersecurity incident response suite that helps organizations respond to, and recover from, the most destructive cyber-attacks like ransomware and business email compromise.
  • CyberArkPrivileged Access Management solution with a complete security offering, including MFA for any identity – human (standard user, privileged user, vendor/third party) or machine. 
  • CyberCubeCloud-based platform that delivers cyber risk analysis and solutions for cyber insurance underwriters.
  • Tenax SolutionsInformation security suite providing businesses with personal and effective cybersecurity solutions to protect their organization from a wide array of cyber threats, including Vulnerability Remediation and Support, Security Configuration Reviews, Social Engineering Protection, and 24×7 MDR solutions. 
  • Security ScorecardRisk assessment and rating suite that allows organizations to self-monitor their cybersecurity posture. Security Scorecard provides comprehensive ratings using threat information accessed from over 25,000 businesses. 
  • Strata – ​Integrates an organization’s multi-cloud and hybrid identity infrastructure and allows it to enforce consistent identity and access policies.

“Our partners are some of the best in the business. We are very excited about the platform and look forward to continuing our momentum in the cyber security and insurance space. Check back often to see the latest!“

– Walter Whitt, Operations Manager

“We’re delighted at our progress building the Apollo Cyber Marketplace. Each of the partners listed provides valuable services that can help every organization significantly improve their cybersecurity footing. We’re glad to do our part in helping make the world a safer place and hope to provide easy access to important tools in the fight against cyber risk.”

– Yoav Shaked, Chief Operating Officer of Apollo Brokers

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