APIs and the Roadmap to Resilience

Nick Mair, Co-Founder of DQPro, discusses the launch of the DQPro API roadmap and its significance in the broader market-wide collaboration between insurers and their technology providers

At the start of last year I highlighted the critical role that API’s will play in achieving a truly data driven, digital ecosystem, by allowing third party software and market systems to streamline the risk placement process.   

It’s been great to see momentum build further in 2021 as forward thinking vendors like Verisk’s Sequel and Whitespace start working with carriers and market bodies such as Acord and Future at Lloyd’s on streamlining the data journey, from customer to carrier.

Trust your data

Here at DQPro we have been working closely with our growing customer base to develop meaningful APIs  and are delighted to progress this collaboration with the launch of our API roadmap.

Our first release, API 1.0, allows customers to integrate DQPro’s issue monitoring, notification and management capabilities with both in-house and third-party systems such as underwriting portals, data governance tools and policy administration systems.

A landmark moment for data confidence

Fully integrated systems that talk to each other effectively through APIs and common data standards are key landmarks on the roadmap to data confidence. And as the name implies, DQPro API 1.0 is just the first in a programme of API’s to be released with further specific integrations to come.

Our API strategy is just one layer in our wider effort to collaborate with the market to generate data confidence across the underwriting process as the market evolves from a document-centric to a data-centric operating model.

Successful integration is only as good as the underlying checks deployed. Carriers, brokers and MGAs need to trust their data at any point in the insurance value chain, which is why the creation and ongoing development of the DQPro Market Standard has also been so important. 

Built with the market, for the market, this framework includes checks and controls, business monitoring, workflow, evolving market rules and analytics. It is a benchmark for data confidence that allows us to share, learn, and ultimately identify and resolve common data deficiencies, with immediate, tangible, cost savings.

We are proud to be working with the market to create and continuously refine a new benchmark in data assurance. Our vision is to enable carriers, brokers and MGA’s to trust their data at any point in the insurance value chain. Watch this space for API 2.0 coming later this year!

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