Aon partners with digital will service Footprint

Aon New Zealand is announcing a new, “market leading initiative” in partnership with Footprint NZ , New Zealand’s “largest online will provider,” resulting in a complimentary online will and digital vault service for the company’s 70,000 existing, and all-new group life insurance clients.

From September 1, anyone taking on a group life insurance policy with the new added benefit of a will has access to resources around financial literacy and education on estate administration. Clients will have access to Footprint’s digital vault where they can store their will and other important documents, ensuring important information is easily accessible when it is needed.

“The data tells us New Zealanders are consistently under-Willed, especially in certain age groups. Only 37% of full-time employed people in New Zealand have a valid Will. Aon has taken a brave, game-changing stance in partnering with us to immediately extend this critical benefit to tens of thousands of Kiwis and their families. When setting up a life insurance policy, it makes sense to set up a Will alongside it. It is the kind of big move that will change the landscape by dramatically lifting the number of people who have a Will, with the immensely valuable knock-on effect that their families will have the protection of a Will.” – Footprint CEO Angela Vale.

“We have done extensive due diligence to ascertain what our clients are looking for and what their customers value, and we are pleased to be launching this offer through our partnership with Footprint and in collaboration with key partners in the insurance industry.” – Aon Life GM Anson Davies.