Aon, Mpirica and Amino Walk Into a Bar

Aon is announcing a new approach to help US employers make more educated, data-driven decisions on their provider cost and quality strategies .

The broker has joined forces with Amino and MPIRICA Health Analytics to provide employers with independent and objective cost and quality metrics for US health providers. This analysis enables employers to (1) have a clearer understanding of the cost and quality variances for specific procedures across providers in select market(s), (2) implement specific design, incentive, network strategies to increase use of providers that deliver the most efficient combination of cost and quality, (3) validate existing and potential future provider network strategies, and (4) measure the financial outcomes and cost trajectories of their existing health care strategies over time.

Aon’s market analysis features two data sets: aggregated medical cost data on high-volume medical procedures from Amino, which captures nearly $2 trillion of claims volume for 220 million Americans covering virtually all facilities and practicing doctors in the US, and surgery quality scores from Mpirica, which measures health care outcomes. Their Mpirica Quality Scores include analyses of more than 123,400 surgeons and nearly 5,000 hospitals nationwide.


“Accessing independent, quality data has been an ongoing challenge, and employers have limited information about the specific price levels or procedure-level quality of providers in their local markets” – Global Chief Innovation Officer of Health at Aon, Jim Winkler.