Analyzing Acko’s Customer Feedback

Acko, the Mumbai-based digital insurer, which raised $30M since its inception, is live and doing well. By ‘doing well’ think a 4.8 stars rating on Facebook. I know. I know. That doesn’t say much. But it says something .



– It says that 55 folks were happy enough to leave a 4 or 5-star rating.


– It shows an exceptional service by one named Karan Shodha, who appears in 8 out of the 27 comments on Facebook (~30%).


– It hopes that most people have bad memory (but hope is not a strategy).


Then again, one can always argue that ‘there’s such a thing as coincidence.’


– The 1-star review had everything to do with not being able to show proof of insurance.


– And, if you believe in the accuracy of the above, then what stands out the most is the fact that 20 out of 27 reviews on Facebook that included feedback mentioned the interaction with a person.


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