Amwins Program Underwriters and Boost Insurance partner

Boost Insurance has partnered with AmWins Program Underwriters, part of Amwins Underwriting Division, to launch an enhanced, technology-enabled version of two long-standing Lawyers Professional Liability programs: LawGold and Firemark, and also re-launch its Attorneys’ Select program. The business will be written on AM Best “A-” rated paper.

The trio of programs provide coverage for law firms with one to 40 attorneys. LawGold provides an admitted solution for firms with minimal loss history; Firemark provides admitted and non-admitted solutions for intellectual property lawyers. Attorneys’ Select, the newly re-launched program, provides a non-admitted solution for hard-to-place law firms with difficult areas of practice, remediable claims histories or those in need of minor retroactive date repair.

“Partnering with Boost has enabled us to fill a market need and create a more competitive offering through expanded underwriting appetite and technology-focused infrastructure. Their platform is built for scale, so we look forward to growing our partnership, and working together to address new needs and opportunities in the insurance market.” – Ryan Armijo, President of Amwins Underwriting.

“Amwins is a market leader in the specialty insurance space, with a strong distribution network already in place. We look forward to helping them scale an already successful program to even greater heights with the increased efficiency and automation enabled by the Boost platform, along with tapping into both of our established networks of reinsurance capacity.” – Alex Maffeo, CEO and Founder, Boost.