Amerisure launches commercial fleet program

Commercial insurance provider Amerisure Insurance has partnered with telematics solutions provider IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions) for a commercial fleet usage-based insurance (UBI) telematics program in Michigan.

Under this agreement, IMS will provide Amerisure with commercial fleet telemetry technology that collects data and delivers a driver behavior-based score for analysis, provides recommendations for participant improvement, and enables credits toward insurance premiums based on IMS’s scoring model.

“Our premium savings approach is unique because it focuses on how fleet drivers behave, rather than the distance they drive. We believe this will lead to more impactful reductions in losses and will keep business owners motivated to participate in the program and improve their fleets. We are proud to be one of the first commercial insurers to utilize this approach.” – Kevin Clary, vice president of risk management at Amerisure.

This program is just one of Amerisure’s FleetAlliance® offerings, which includes tools and resources to improve fleet safety. Policyholders can select services such as dash cams, cellphone blocking technology, discounted motor vehicle reports, driver behavioral assessments, and more.

“The IMS Commercial UBI Telematics solution provides Amerisure with data-driven insights that improve underwriting and overall profitability. In turn, fleet managers get the necessary tools that positively influence driving behavior. It’s a win-win proposition for all involved.” – Lorie Goodmann, chief revenue officer at IMS.

Btw, IMS is part of Trak Global Group that’s now working on something new.