American National unveils rebranding initiative

American National announced its rebranding initiative to modernize its brand and position the company to better compete among the best brands in the industry.

The company unveiled a new logo and visual identity that embodies its forward-thinking approach.

The redesigned logo features a contemporary rendering of its iconic eagle, which represents the company’s strength and stability.

Additionally, a new color palette was introduced featuring dark blue and golden yellow as primary brand colors to signify the company’s night and day commitment to being a source of certainty for its clients.

“With no significant updates in the past 50 years, our brand was proud, but dated, so it was time for a transformation. This rebranding is, above all, an expression of our unwavering commitment to the millions of American families, businesses, farmers and ranchers we serve and our determination to continuously evolve to meet their needs.” – Scott Campbell, chief client experience and corporate communications officer at American National.

Before and after: