American Family’s newest venture is Fixle

American Family Insurance, through its venture studio Tenney 110, has recently launched Fixle, a mobile app that allows home owners to capture, store, and manage home systems such as water heaters and HVAC units, as well as appliances.

Users can add an item to the Fixle app by scanning the label, uploading a photo, or inserting the model/serial number. Once an item has been added, the app will help users access information like owner’s manuals, dimensions, recalls, and energy guides.

Fixle can also be used by inspectors and technicians, and based on its site, Fixle is “just getting started” and the goal is to eventually become a destination for homeowners and service providers.

Fixle is led by Dave Theus, the founder and former CTO of HOMEE, a startup that once offered consumers access to home maintenance professionals.