Amazon launches generative AI to help sellers write product descriptions

Generative AI is helping with tasks such as making spreadsheets, adding image captions, and writing various content. Amazon is now using this AI to improve the product listing process for its sellers. New AI tools will help sellers write better product titles and descriptions. This will be beneficial for both sellers, making their job easier, and buyers, aiding in more informed decisions.

To get started, sellers provide a brief product description, and Amazon’s AI suggests a more detailed version.

“With our new generative AI models, we can infer, improve, and enrich product knowledge at an unprecedented scale and with dramatic improvement in quality, performance, and efficiency. Our models learn to infer product information through the diverse sources of information, latent knowledge, and logical reasoning that they learn. For example, they can infer a table is round if specifications list a diameter or infer the collar style of a shirt from its image.” – Robert Tekiela, VP of Amazon Selection and Catalog Systems.

Amazon introduced these AI tools at their Accelerate 2023 event.