Allstate expands Avail from airports to communities

Avail Carsharing , the San Francisco-based mobility initiative of Allstate , has expanded to support communities in select cities.

Established in 2018 as Drift, today Avail is a team of around 127 people. It allows users to borrow local cars (for a max of 7 days) parked at the airport or from buildings they reside in. More specifically, it operates its car-sharing service from 14 airports including ORD, DAL and LAX and from a total of 8 buildings in Chicago, Denver, and Seattle.

“Avail is a car sharing company, which means all the cars are owned by real, local people. And the added benefit of amazing customer service. We take care of the car exchange, cleaning, inspection, and insurance process so it’s easier for you and for the owner of the car.”

The interesting bit to note is that Allstate is currently running a referral program in place where users get $25 for each friend who takes a trip with Avail. These friends will also receive $25 towards their trip. And, Allstate markets the brand as a way for car owners to earn money and how much they can earn is up to them. “We give you the freedom to set your car’s rate. Most people set their hourly rate at $7-$11 and $49-$77/day.” Car owners get to keep 65% of the total trip price.

Bottom Line: According to our recent research report titled Above & Beyond Insurance, Allstate is one of two US-based insurers with a mobility initiative.