Allianz Partners launches travel platform Allyz

Allianz Partners  has launched a digital platform that accompanies travelers before, during, and after a trip, with relevant products and services provided by Allianz Partners as well as other service providers across the travel industry.

Services of the Allyz digital platform includes:

  • Destination explorer to discover itineraries and experiences at the destination, as well as COVID-related information
  • Travel wallet to save trip details, add flight bookings, and receive trip updates
  • Travel protection solutions such as trip cancellation protection and medical assistance
  • Travel alerts with real-time updates on safety & security at the destination
  • Instant flight delay compensation, receiving instant payout if flight delayed and free lounge access
  • Digital Access to Care telehealth services such as symptom checker, chat with a doctor online, medical teleadvice or teleconsultation
  • 24/7 assistance

Allyz works according to a ‘Freemium’ membership model, with different features available depending on the type of account the user has. Registering on the platform gives the user access to a set of free valuable services, and users can then upgrade to a paid membership with a premium service bundle, as well as additional optional paid services.

The platform is already available in Spain, Germany, and France, and is being rolled out globally over the course of 2021 and early 2022 .

“For Allianz Partners, the creation of Allyz marks a shift in how we engage with customers. We have seen disruption and threats to the travel industry and in a post-COVID-19 world, travelers will expect more from the industry, particularly for their wellbeing and safety. This new shift in mindset to thinking in ecosystems enables us greater opportunities to differentiate ourselves while at the same forging long-term customer relationships built on loyalty and trust.” – Lydie Hippon Darde, Global Head of the New Models Unit of Allianz Partners.

Benefitting from the capabilities of trusted travel players

Building a holistic travel ecosystem cannot happen without including other actors in the travel segment. Allianz Partners is working with a variety of travel service providers who share the same vision to be part of this new collaborative business model where all benefit from the ecosystem and work together to support travelers. Partners include PriorityPass, Sitata, Flightright, and Amadeus, which is integrating its trip planner solution into Allyz.

“This is a major milestone for Allianz Partners as we anticipate changes in consumer behavior and develop a new way to reach different types of travelers, including younger travelers who might not think about travel protection. As travel rebounds, we are ready to accompany travelers with product solutions that instill confidence and deliver convenience and protection. Allianz Partners aims to become the “peace of mind” companion for customers in all business areas where we operate, and we look forward to launching similar new offerings across health, mobility, and home areas.” – Sirma Boshnakova, CEO of Allianz Partners.