Allianz Partners and Uber announce partnership

Allianz Partners and Uber are partnering to provide benefits and protection insurance for independent drivers and couriers in Europe.

Allianz Partners will offer products under Uber’s Partner Protection program, covering independent drivers and couriers that use the Uber and Uber Eats apps across 23 European countries, effective January 1, 2022. The coverage includes on-trip benefits in cases of accidents, injury or hospitalizations, as well as off-trip benefits such as sick pay and maternity/paternity payments

“As a leading global partner to mobility players, we are very proud to work with Uber to become the largest provider of partner protection insurance for platform workers in Europe. At Allianz we strive to secure the future of our customers and partners and give them the courage for what’s ahead. The COVID pandemic has demonstrated an acceleration in the essential role of drivers and couriers, and the need for tailored insurance solutions. This industry-leading insurance program raises the bar on innovative protection across the sector, and we are excited to be supporting Uber and their partners at this important time.” – Sirma Boshnakova, CEO of Allianz Partners.

“We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Allianz Partners to provide drivers and couriers across Europe with our Partner Protection program, which allows them to enjoy freedom and flexibility, with the peace of mind provided by additional security and protection. Programs like this mark our commitment to improve platform work and to provide independent workers in Europe with the benefits and protections they want. We hope that this will also encourage the rest of the sector to enable protections for European platform workers, no matter the app they choose to work on.” – Karl Gray, Head of Insurance EMEA at Uber.