Allianz launches insurance package for Indie Campers

Indie Campers , one of the largest pan-European motorhome and camper rental companies, joined forces with Allianz Partners as its insurer for private camper sharing in multiple European markets, starting initially in Germany.

Coverage is automatically integrated in every rental, once the insurance has been launched in that market . In Germany, the Allianz insurance package for Indie Campers is provided through the local Allianz entity and includes liability insurance, theft protection, comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance.

“Due to the immense camping boom we have perceived throughout Europe, we are now striving to let everyone participate in this enthusiasm and create a platform for everyone who wants to travel with or share a campervan. Since the safety of traveller, host and vehicle is in the DNA of every successful road trip, we have joined forces with insurance partner Allianz Partners. With our comprehensive insurance options through the Indie Campers Mobility platform, we offer our customers the best protection during the rental process. Every private host can rent out their motorhome in a relaxed manner: the vehicle is insured during the rental – including liability insurance, theft protection, comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. In our current early stage, we offer 0% commission to our new hosts to enjoy even higher earnings.” – Jana Schäfer, Indie Campers DACH.

“Providing peace of mind and helping people is at the heart of what we do – and that’s exactly what we developed for Indie Campers as well, a tailored camper insurance package for a peace of mind experience of their clients during the time of the rental. Our global and dedicated team of specialists live our philosophy across our business expertise areas Mobility & Assistance, Travel and Care. We place great value on our business partners’ relationships with their customers and employees and strive to continuously improve them, strengthen brand loyalty and make people’s lives easier, safer and more enjoyable.” – Tomas Kunzmann, CEO Mobility & Assistance and Board Member of Allianz Partners.