Allianz France Launches On Demand Insurance HobbiSure

Allianz France has introduced HobbiSure – daily coverage for accident or injury resulting from sports (moving, gardening, biking , climbing…) or leisure activities. HobbiSure is available via mobile for €2.95 a day and up to 5 days. Get a feel for the flow below:

“With HobbiSure , Allianz France has taken a new step in responding to a fundamental trend of consumers, who wish to insure certain risks of everyday life when they feel the need, in an ad hoc, simple and instantaneous way and to be able to put an end to it. a few clicks. We want to respond to their demand and rethink the customer experience by offering them an insurance offer on demand, cheap, innovative and digitized to protect themselves when they decide and without further commitment.” – Director of Markets, Allianz France, Alain Burtin.