Allianz expands automatic accident detection service

Allianz is expanding its automatic accident detection service. Dubbed the Allianz accident reporter, the digital claims service used by Allianz at the scene of an accident, can automatically detect accidents and notify the insurer. Insureds are later informed about the next steps of claims settlement.

Previously, vehicle owners could only activate and use this service in the BonusDrive telematics module. Now, the Allianz accident detector can be activated free of charge in Audi vehicles with networked capabilities. A connection to other brands and vehicle manufacturers will be implemented step by step over the next few months.

When used via BonusDrive, the accident reporting service requires the customers to subsequently install sensors in the vehicle themselves. It is easier if the sensors already installed in the vehicle can be used and only the data transfer itself has to be activated. The technical connection to the car manufacturer takes place via a standardized interface of the CARUSO data marketplace, but only after the driver of the respective vehicle has given his or her consent.

“The Allianz accident detector is a fully networked detection and reporting service in the event of a claim, in which the information from the vehicle sensors is sent directly to claims processing. Allianz Versicherungs-AG is thus expanding its digital and personal support for customers, especially in the event of a claim.” – Lucie Bakker, Claims Director at Allianz Versicherungs-AG.

In addition, if customers drive a compatible vehicle, they will receive a personal invitation to activate the Allianz accident detector. “All you have to do is provide a telephone number where you can be contacted in the event of a claim. As a rule, this is the mobile number of their smartphone that the customer would like to use for the service. The installation of an additional app is not necessary to use the service. No additional sensor or other hardware needs to be installed in the vehicle itself either. This eliminates the need to change the battery for external, mobile sensors, for example.”