All 50 States in Just 2 Minutes: How Service Insurance Companies Went National in No Time

When Service Insurance Companies decided to expand nationwide, what was once a mildly cumbersome task (for just the state of Texas), morphed into a Herculean challenge. The shift from a state-specific focus to a nationwide presence meant grappling with the patchwork of producer licensing regulations and processes across all 50 states.

This new challenge led Service Insurance Companies to find a new solution. By partnering with AgentSync, this workers compensation insurance leader was able to take what had previously been days of work down to just a couple of minutes.

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The before state: low-tech and tedious

Jay Howard, Director of Compliance and Risk Management at Service Insurance Companies, found himself at the helm of a newly established compliance department, as the company began its transition from working solely in the state of Texas to providing workers compensation policies nationwide.

Historically, appointing producers in just one state was enough to take up Howard’s weekends because he had to fill out paper forms by hand and mail them to the Texas Department of Insurance with a check for each producer. Howard immediately knew that he couldn’t scale up Service Insurance Companies’ national presence without the help of modern technology to expedite the process.

Attempts at a solution

Before diving into AgentSync, Howard’s small compliance team tried making do with something the company already had: an IT ticketing system. They quickly learned the downsides of trying to use the wrong tool for the job. Like many teams that try to repurpose something they have into what they really need, the “solution” created as many new problems as the few things it improved.

Howard soon realized the only real solution to his team’s problem was to find a modern technology platform that was intentionally built with compliance management in mind. Luckily, given the serious nature of market conduct and the scrutiny every insurer is under, Howard said he didn’t have a hard time making the case for an automated compliance solution to his leaders at Service Insurance Companies.

The solution that stood out from the crowd

“AgentSync’s agility was a big selling point for us. That, and the security and cloud-based nature we saw AgentSync had set it apart from others we were considering, especially from our technical stakeholder’s perspective.”

With leadership’s buy-in, Howard started his search for the right insurance compliance technology solution. For many in his position, getting the IT department’s buy-in is a challenge when looking at any new software. Lucky for Howard, an IT leader was actually the first one to suggest taking a look at AgentSync.

Once Howard dug deeper, it was clear that AgentSync stood out from the competition. Service Insurance Companies prioritized information security and the technical agility of their solution, both of which were key selling points when they examined AgentSync.

How AgentSync helps Service Insurance Companies

With AgentSync, the time to manage producer appointments plummeted from two days to mere minutes, allowing Service Insurance Companies to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming and laborious tasks that staff previously had to work overtime to complete
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind that no producer is selling in any state without the right appointments
  • Provide everyone from the compliance team, accounting, leadership, and regulators quick access and a transparent view of any information they need
  • Quickly export data at regulators’ request without spending any extra time

Additionally, AgentSync’s impact at Service Insurance Companies extended beyond operational efficiencies. It fundamentally improved the daily work life for those in charge of managing agent appointments and compliance. “The first benefit I noticed when we got AgentSync was that I wasn’t spending my weekends catching up on processing appointments by hand anymore,” Howard shared.

Read Service Insurance Companies’ full success story here

Ready to transform your compliance process?

If Service Insurance Companies’ journey from compliance chaos to streamlined efficiency resonates with you, it’s time to explore what AgentSync can do for your organization. Contact us today to speak with one of our insurance compliance experts.

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