Akiri to Create First Network-as-a-Service Platform Optimized for Healthcare

San Fran-based Akiri launched with plans to bring the first network-as-a-service (NaaS) platform to the healthcare industry . Its first product Akiri Switch (formerly known as Health2047 SwitchCo) will be a subscription-based data network that enables any type of health information to move seamlessly and securely throughout the US healthcare system by using blockchain technology.


The startup is the first company to spin out of Health2047, an integrated innovation enterprise whose founding investor is the American Medical Association. Same Health2047 that is now investing $10M in Akiri. “Akiri is distinctively positioned to support security, identification, authentication, compliance, analytics, and applications. Akiri Switch verifies healthcare data sources and destinations, allowing trusted applications to be developed and validated for patients, physicians, providers, pharma, payers and other healthcare enterprises” – Akiri’s CEO Adriaan Ligtenberg.


Bottom Line: the company’s first partner is NJ-based biotechnology company Celgene Corporation.