AIG Malaysia Shares The Blessings With Online Campaign On Lazada

AIG Malaysia launched its Share the Blessings campaign, a donation drive where all sales proceeds from the purchase of any of its products on Lazada in the month of July 2018 will be donated to Community Policing Malaysia.


Speaking at the Raya Open House with the residents of Kampung Seri Aman in Puchong, AIG Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Antony Lee shared that this is an extension of its #AIGJagaYou campaign, aimed at innovating the way AIG engages with all its stakeholders. The word “jaga” is derived from Bahasa Malaysia, which simply means to care for.




“We originally initiated the Share the Blessings donation drive to inculcate Jaga attitude amongst our staff and to encourage them to care for and give back to the community. It triggered such an emotional response that our staff suggested we extend the drive to include our customers and members of the public through a campaign on Lazada,” explained Lee.


“The act of providing insurance services to help our customers prepare for the unexpected and give them protection from financial catastrophe is, in essence, how AIG Jaga its customers. We are honored to be able to extend this Jaga concept and enable our customers to donate to a worthy cause while AIG continues to care for their insurance needs. Having our store on Lazada makes this process easy, convenient and accessible as you can purchase the products anywhere, any time with any of your internet-ready devices,” he added.


Throughout the Share the Blessings campaign period i.e. 2-31 July, 100% of the proceeds from all AIG insurance products purchased on Lazada will go to Community Policing Malaysia (CPM), a non-profit organization known for its work with the less fortunate and hardcore poor. Customers may choose any of these products, depending on their needs: Travel Insurance, Snatch Theft Insurance or Active Lifestyle Care.


This marks the second collaboration between AIG Malaysia and CPM, the first one being the provision of motor insurance by AIG Malaysia to CPM’s Ambulans10sen fleet last December. It is a first responder unit comprising three (3) ambulances manned by 6 full time employees and two volunteers. Embodying the same Jaga spirit, Ambulans 10sen is used to aid accident victims, transport the poor and the ill to the hospital and to render first aid and basic medical services to in-home patients such as wound cleaning and dressing. The charge? That’s right, it’s 10sen.


CPM was founded in 2007 by Mr. Kuan Chee Heng, or fondly known as Uncle Kentang. What started out as a provider of free educational and training materials to assist community volunteers to set up patrol groups in their neighborhood, CPM has expanded its activities to provide humanitarian services to the community such as Ambulans 10sen, Library 10sen, Rumah 1 Ringgit, emergency food and medical assistance, neighborhood patrol and search and rescue mission for missing persons. The association now has 130,000 members nationwide.


“CPM consists of ordinary citizens, retired police officers and everyone who cares for the safety and well-being of the community. In today’s fast-moving world, sometimes we forget to look to our left and right to see if our neighbors have food on the table for their families tonight, or if someone is sick but is unable to go to the hospital because he doesn’t have any money. We need to Jaga each other and I thank AIG for coming forward with its Share the Blessings campaign so that members of the public can participate. I believe together we can care for the society that we live in,” remarked Uncle Kentang.


To participate in the Share the Blessings campaign on Lazada, go to: