AI Underwriting Company Cytora Launches New Brand Identity


Cytora, the artificial intelligence company building a new way for commercial insurers to price risk, launched its new brand identity this week.


“Our new brand identity marks an exciting chapter in our ongoing mission to provide the building blocks for frictionless and fair business insurance,” said Richard Hartley, CEO of Cytora. “We set out to create a visual identity that represents the future we are building: where insurance is simple, fast, and transparent, built on a foundation of tractable data.”


The new Cytora wordmark



The new Cytora wordmark represents the synergy of human and machine intelligence at Cytora, mixing the humanistic forms of Studio Pro with the engineering and geometric quality of iA Writer.


New imagery


Every business has a unique risk profile, and by using Cytora’s Risk Engine, insurers can accurately assess every risk profile as it evolves throughout time. The new brand identity represents this dynamism through a series of evolving block shapes, each sculpted by the continuous flow of data.



The patterns and colours within the blocks represent Cytora’s ability to differentiate risk to the sharpest degree as a function of the massive amount of data the company ingests.


New website



Cytora chose to work with a creative team led by Pentagram partners Jody Hudson-Powell and Luke Powell to create a brand that reflects the evolving nature of risk.


“We were determined to develop a coherent identity that could put across the sophistication of Cytora’s offering while demystifying the complexity of the underpinning technology,” said Luke Powell, a partner at Pentagram. “By making it tangible and relatable, the identity clearly communicates Cytora’s commitment towards dramatically improving the real-world consequence of insurance underwriting and selling,” said Hudson-Powell.


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