AgencyKPI announces $5 million Series A financing

Texas-based AgencyKPI announced the closing of $5 million in Series A funding. The Series A round of funding is led by EMC Insurance Companies of Des Moines, Iowa. Also participating in the round are Keystone Insurers Group of Northumberland, Pennsylvania, and Austin-based Combined Agents of America.

Founded in 2017, AgencyKPI provides a business intelligence platform called Harmony for insurance networks, independent agencies and insurers to collaborate and operate more efficiently. According to LinkedIn, the company is a team of 17.

“We are very happy to be working with AgencyKPI on a platform that is sure to benefit independent agents and how EMC aligns with them. With AgencyKPI, we’ll have more timely and accurate data that’s just easier to understand and share with our networks and independent agents to help us grow and be more profitable together.” – Mick A. Lovell, COO of EMC Insurance .