AG2R La Mondiale and MAIF deepen cross-distribution partnership

AG2R La Mondiale and MAIF are deepening their cross-distribution partnership by expanding their collaboration to new product categories.

AG2R La Mondiale will now offer home insurance and non-occupant landlord insurance from MAIF, while MAIF will provide its customers with wealth savings products from La Mondiale Partenaire. These offerings aim to provide a comprehensive range of insurance and financial products to their customers.

AG2R La Mondiale’s new offerings include home insurance with various coverage options and non-occupant landlord insurance covering property disasters, lost rent, and legal protection.

MAIF, on the other hand, will distribute “MAIF Avenir Patrimoine 2” life insurance and the “MAIF 2 capitalization contract,” both insured by La Mondiale Partenaire, offering sustainable investment options.

Both companies express their commitment to a long-term partnership that aligns with their shared values and aims to cater to diverse customer needs and life projects.