Acrisure launches aerospace division

Acrisure has launched a new division to cater to the needs of the aerospace industry. Acrisure Aerospace is composed of several Acrisure businesses under the leadership of Managing Partner Jason Riley.

From personal and commercial aircraft to rocket launches and numerous other nuanced and complex aerospace placements, Acrisure Aerospace helps clients access the full range of aviation solutions via US, London and international aerospace insurance markets.

“The aerospace industry has seen unprecedented risk and opportunity in recent years. Acrisure is doubling down on our expertise and ability to serve these clients, whose needs are often complex and multi-faceted. This is another step in our client-focused transformation and I’m confident Jason and team will provide both content expertise and the outrageous service our customers expect and deserve.” – Greg Williams, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Acrisure.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Riley has over 20 years of experience in the aerospace insurance industry. He previously led Halton Hall & Associates along with his late mentor, business partner, and industry legend, F. Thomas Bradshaw. An Acrisure Partner with over 60 years of experience in aviation risk management, Halton Hall and Associates is among the Acrisure businesses coming together to form Acrisure Aerospace. He is joined on the Aerospace leadership team by Barry Dowlen, Head of Growth, and Debi Fleischer, Head of Operations.

“From student pilots purchasing their first aircraft to commercial flight operations to complex risks such as airlines and manufacturer products liability, Acrisure Aerospace is a trusted resource with a relentless focus on client service for any client with aviation exposure. As we go forward together under the Acrisure brand, there is no limit to what we can offer our clients. We have already heard great feedback about how the Acrisure Aerospace team sets the bar for service in the aviation insurance industry.” – Jason Riley.