Achmea backs emotional wellness startup OpenUp

Achmea Innovation Fund is investing in OpenUp , a scale-up company from Amsterdam that focuses on the mental wellbeing of employees.

Founded in 2020, OpenUp offers employees low-threshold access to a recognized psychologist, check-ins and self-help. This investment is in line with Achmea’s vision of sustainable employability and the services the company offers its customers in this area.

“OpenUp’s vision fits in well with the activities we develop for customers of Achmea (and of our brands Centraal Beheer, Interpolis and Zilveren Kruis) to improve the sustainable employability of employees. We are excited about this investment and convinced of the impact we can make with OpenUp. Together we improve the working environment and mental well-being of working people in the Netherlands.” – Katharina Maass, manager of the Achmea Innovation Fund.

“We are looking forward to expanding the collaboration with Achmea and its brands. We are happy about our shared mission to improve sustainable employability and increase happiness at work. Together we will enthusiastically set to work to realize this.” – OpenUp’s CEO Gijs Coppens.

Bottom Line: About 150,000 employees in the Netherlands and Germany already have access to OpenUp.