Achieving Digital Transformation at Scale

According to the 2018 GE Global Innovation Barometer, 65 percent of business leaders say the incapacity to scale up successful innovations is restricting digital transformation within their organizations. This is up from 59 percent in 2014.


Scale can certainly be a challenge when it comes to digital marketing — and an even bigger challenge for insurance and financial services companies that sell and distribute their products and services at the agent or advisor level.


It’s no surprise that relevant ads delivered to a micro-targeted consumer audience from local agents or advisors perform better than one-size-fits-all ads delivered from a corporate brand. But the challenge of scale leaves many marketers settling for one-size-fits-all.


As Denim’s CEO and Founder Gregory Bailey shared in a recent webinar, Mobile Marketing Localized at Scale:

“It can get incredibly complex to manage mobile advertising for 10,000 agents serving 10,000 different local markets. In the Facebook advertising world, that means there could be 10,000 different business pages to manage… Are you sweating at that thought? Marketers in this industry often think they’d like to be able to do local advertising on behalf of their agent base, but when it comes down to it, it’s just not scalable… without technology.”


A recent eMarketer article, The Modern Marketing Department 2018, analyzes the marketing department’s role in paving the way for organization-wide digital transformation. Here’s the article’s key takeaway on the topic of scale:


Scaling in-house capabilities is a goal for many marketers, but it’s a work in progress. Tap outside partners to work with your in-house teams to onboard the skills and tools you need to work more seamlessly across teams, whether inside or outside your organization.

When considering new partners and technologies to help you transform your mobile marketing efforts, look for solutions that allow you to:

  • Localize content on behalf of agents or advisors
  • Micro-target just the right person at just the right time
  • Provide your teams with the tools they need to efficiently scale their efforts


To learn how the Denim platform checks all three of these boxes, view a recording of our recent webinar Mobile Marketing Localized at Scale.


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